A Note from Dr. Lifshits:

Studying and practicing one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world is a challenge. Although the medicine is fully developed and tested for thousands of years, it is hard to sift through the wealth of information to find what you need.
Although the basic diagnostic skills of a practitioner along with some of the most common treatment plans will do the job, they do not provide for the optimal results. Our strive as a Clinic & Research Facility is to perfect the diagnosis and the treatment phases, resulting in unprecedented treatment success.

Breakthrough Treatments:

Stress Reduction

Unique Stress Reduction Techniques
Developed by correlating the nervous syestem’s response to some of the most effective Acupuncture points, the technique provides the best personalized combination for each patient.

Promoting Fertility

A Proven Method For Promoting Fertility in Women and Men
Our unique and precise computerized diagnostic methods for fertility issues allow us to build the most effective and least stressful treatment plans to help you grow your family.


Our Most Recent Research Success
Using a perfect balance of the different modalities of Oriental medicine, we are able to surpass norms for increasing bone density.